Friday, July 11, 2014



the most powerful word i have known is 'why'. In your flow of life, if you didn't ask this question in anywhere to anybody, you are on track. you will not been mistaken, its simple to follow and vanish. But once you started to ask this 'why', then your life start transforming. The difference between why and why not is a thin line, but that matters the most. Every human beings in this planet can live only one kind of life. Crave - Have - Fight - Play - Crave

as usual a small story,
a small boy who was living in a plain land was bored of his daily routine, daily morning and evening he will see the pelican birds jumping from the top of the hill and jump down narrow into the sea. somehow somewhere he decided to stop living the routine mono life and planned to climb up the hill and jump into the sea from top. after a huge struggle he started to climb. of course it was not easy. Fall, scratch, threat, fear of unknown, day by day he got strong and he self motivated himself to reach the top, one night around 3am, he reached the top of the hill. dead silence, he got terribly upset,
 ''oh no, i am all alone here, no one can understand me, i suffered in down plain, i took all the pain to reach up believing i will feel something better up here, but NO. its nothing here, i quit. i am going to kill myself ''
When he took his knife to cut his throat, a grey white pelican came in front of him, 
' hey one minute, may i know why you are killing yourself!! he explained everything. ohh like that, but from your story i understood that you came here to jump down into the sea, why you didn't do that!  He replied 'i felt nothing here, i was left alone', pelican ' i didnt ask that, i asked why didn't you do for what you came here for'!! he remained silent. 
pelican asked ' wait for another three hours, close your eyes till that, when i whistle just jump from this rock, you will die easily. okay!! he agreed. 

he remained silent and still with closed eyes, slowly he felt the warmth of the rising sun, he heard the whistle sound, in urge to die, he jumped from the rock, he is flying.
When he opened his eyes, he was flying down with hundreds of pelicans,like a missile,  squashed in to the sea, entire village in the plains clapped for him, because everyone there wanted to do this, but many didn't, few cant. They treated him as the conqueror of their dreams.

He raised high from the sea and swim towards the shore, he felt the existence, with sun rising behind him and pelicans flying above him, now he understood the joy of living dangerously. 

Live Dangerously than dying comfortably. 

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